The professionals of Student Advocacy & Accountability are part of a dedicated team in the Office of the Dean of Students who are here first and foremost to support students in their personal, academic, and social development. Through the two interdependent components of our office -- advocacy and accountability, we provide a number of services.

First, we provide resources and information to help LSU community members make well-reasoned and responsible decisions within a supportive and caring environment. 

Secondly, we serve as the point of contact for information regarding students of concern.  When a student is identified as struggling and needing support, our office makes appropriate referrals to provide them the skills and resources needed to succeed through the C.A.R.E. program.  We also keep in touch with these students to increase the likelihood that they will improve their general state of conditioning and continue in pursuit of graduating from the University. 

In addition, we uphold the LSU Code of Student Conduct for those students that make choices contrary to that Code and require administrative involvement.  When this occurs, we utilize these interactions as an educational opportunity to assist students in achieving positive change so that choices that are good for them and the LSU community are made in the future.  We use a restorative justice model to the greatest degree possible as it reinforces the concept that learning involves everyone. 


Lastly, we provide educational sessions to students, faculty and staff to inform them about the responsibilities that come with the privileges of being a student at LSU and to enhance the consistency and comprehensiveness of the reach of our office across campus.

It is our sincere desire to have students embrace the LSU Commitment to Community in guiding their decisions.  Every interaction and experience offers an opportunity to improve and become more self-actualized.  Please let us know if we can assist you with any needs or if you have any suggestions as we, too, look to continually improve. 


Enjoy your experience, learn every day, and make positive contributions to LSU and our Tiger community. Keep the goal in view. Forever LSU!  


LSU Student Advocacy & Accountability