BRCIC Crisis Chat


Communicate. Assess. Refer. Educate.


Whether you are a new student, family member or alum, we are proud to count you as a member of the Tiger Nation.  LSU offers fantastic and extensive opportunities to challenge students in and out of the classroom. Faculty and staff provide resources to facilitate learning, leadership and community.


As the C.A.R.E. Manager, I assist students through communicating, assisting, referring and educating in a variety of ways. Identifying needs and developing new initiatives, in addition to improving existing services, increases the quality of life for students.  The position is certainly a challenge, but I am thankful for the kind people, genuine spirit and lovely campus which make LSU a great place to call home.


The Commitment to Community is our guiding principle.  LSU community members are afforded the opportunities, and held to the standards, set forth in the Commitment.  Additionally, the university provides opportunities for students to meet the challenges.  Our belief is that students should not only accomplish academic goals, but do so in a healthy and encouraging environment which fosters personal growth, development and lifelong learning. 


We hope your time on campus is productive and enjoyable.  The numerous campus resources available are designed to assist in your journey.  If you find yourself, or someone you care about, facing difficulty please contact our office at any time.  We look forward to making your time at LSU time well spent.


Forever LSU,


Jennie Stewart, J.D.

Assistant Director/C.A.R.E. Manager