Charge Letter

The Student Advocacy & Accountability Official may instruct a student to meet in connection with an alleged violation by sending a notification of charges letter to the student via email to the student’s e-mail address on file with LSU. A sample notification of charges letter is included below:





[student|fname] [student|mi] [student|lname]


Dear Mr./Ms.[student|lname]:


On [incident|incident_date], it is alleged that you were involved in a/an [incident|incident_type].  Such an allegation may constitute a violation of the LSU Code of Student Conduct. Specifically, it indicates that [specific incident|description]  As a result, you are charged with the following violations of the LSU Code of Student Conduct:


[Charges] - Contains a list and desciprtion of each applicable Code section


Please make an appointment with our office to resolve this matter by calling Student Advocacy and Accountability at 225-578-4307 no later than three business days upon your receipt of this notice.


Please refer to the LSU Student Code of Conduct at to help address questions or concerns prior to your appointment. You will be expected to be familiar with this document. In addition, please complete and return the Charged Student Statement Form available at:


If you do not call Student Advocacy and Accountability within three business days to schedule an appointment, a registration hold will be placed on your academic record. This hold will remain until this matter has been resolved. A registration hold on your academic record will limit your access to MyLSU, so it is imperative that a meeting is scheduled as soon as possible to avoid any disruption or inconvenience of your academic progress.


If you have a disability and need accommodations for this meeting, please notify the office when you schedule your appointment, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.


Student Advocacy and Accountability