Student Rights

A student charged with misconduct shall have the following rights:


  • To be given notice in writing of the specific charge(s)
  • To be allowed a reasonable time to prepare a defense, normally interpreted to be at least 72 hours
  • To have the charge(s) considered by a hearing panel or to be processed administratively
  • To be given information on the nature of evidence on which the charge(s) are based, including a list of witnesses who will testify against him/her
  • To petition for a separate hearing before a hearing panel, in the case that multiple students are charged with related violations
  • To retain all rights as a University student while the charges are being considered, and until all rights of appeal have been exhausted.
  • To appeal decisions and recommendations of hearing panels to the Dean of Students
  • To request assistance from the Dean of Students in bringing students or University employees of his/her choice to serve as witnesses on his/her behalf